About Us

Motivated by the immersive, jolly spirit of the fun western holidays we grew up around (but couldn't authentically participate in), we built Bismillah Jr to not only elevate our ancestral heirlooms with cute trends and organic, cozy fabrics, but also liberate our inner child and yours 💟.

Welcome to our sunny little place in our corner of the internet for adorably trendy, fun-vibes Muslim baby and kid’s clothes!

We are having so much fun designing quality, sustainable clothes that simply were not “marketable” or available to our immigrant parents when we were growing up in the 90s! We hope you’ll enjoy browsing our contribution to:

1. prioritizing sustainable, organic, luxuriously soft clothing so our kids can grow up creating their dreams -- not cleaning up after us.

2. instilling pride and self-esteem in our children from birth. We hope to be a trendy resource for providing third-culture kids an opportunity to develop inclusive traditions with their growing families; celebrating -- not minimizing -- their 1st, 2nd, or 3rd culture!

3. passing the baton from one third-culture kid to the upcoming generation of third-culture kids -- we know we’re not the only ones excited to live in the world you create. <3

….so please, come in (you know the drill: take off your shoes first! 😉), and click here to explore our imagination!